Which sealer should I use?

There are two types of sealers; film coating sealers ( these types of sealers create cloudy efflourance under sealer). And impregnating sealers are usually breathable so they are much better sealers to use such as our Ultra Dry 70  and Granite Boss Sealers.

Which brand of sealer I should buy?

Stella Sealants offer a penetrating sealers that penetrate into a surface much deeper giving protection salt water, weathering, high traffic wear, efflorescence.

Should I buy a Water-Base Or Solvent-Base Sealer?

Stella Sealants sealers need a carrier to take ingredients deep through the surface.

Usually solvent base sealer is for dense rock like granite and marble; and water base sealer is for softer stone such us limestone, travertine, coral stone and sandstone. Also concrete products such as pavers, grout and precast.

Will I still get some staining after sealing?

Stella Sealants products are the best impregnating sealers in the market. And yes you will still have some. But we recommend regular cleaning of treated exterior surfaces with Stella Sealants Cleaner 33™.

Can I paint over a sealed surface?

It is possible to paint over a sealed surface.

Should I seal my driveway, walkway and Patio?

Yes, we highly recommend it. And it makes it easier to clean and stay looking good. And keep the color from fading away.

Can I seal underwater?

Stella Sealant Sealer 10, Ultra Dry 70 & Enhancer 98 work excellent under water.

How do I know how much sealer I need for my job?

Say if you are sealing limestone, travertine, marble pavers, coral stone or sandstone pavers in a Tumbled finish you will need about 1 gallon for every 200 sf.

If it was Honed finish then you will need about 1 gallon for every 300-400 sf. If you are doing granite then you will need a quart for all your kitchen counter top (about 1 gallon for every 2000-3000 sf) dependent hardness of granite.

Where can I buy your product?

We have distributor links on the website. Also we sell our sealers, cleaners and sealer stripper on Amazon, Build Direct and on our website www.stellasealants.com

Can someone supply and apply your product for me?

Yes. The Accredited Applicators can provide with excellent service.
We also offer a  training program on how to use Stella Sealants products.

Why is it that some of your sealers seems to do the same thing?

Stella Sealants Sealers are designed to work on all kinds of surfaces; for example Granite Boss is design to work on hard surfaces and very small porous such as granite, densed marble and quartz. But it also work very well on softer and more porous surfaces as well.

Ultra Dry 70 is a water base sealer designed to work on softer stone such as limestone, travertine, coral stone and sandstone.

Does a surface treated with your product affect food intended for human consumption?

Once Stella Sealants products are cured the chemical reaction is irreversible.

Are your products environmentally responsible?

Yes, Stella Sealants uses safe and environmentally responsible VOC compliant

How do I qualify for a written warranty and what does it mean?

If an area of porous building materials is prepared and sealed properly . The warranty is between Stella Sealants and the property owner, and states that if the sealed surface is properly maintained but fails then it will be re-sealed free of charge.

What is a failure?

is a treated surface that does not repel water and/or stains from a non-acidic non-solvent based liquid when compared to an untreated surface.

Which of your product recommended for glazed ceramic and porcelain tile?

Granite boss.

how long I should wait before sealing grout?

The grout needs a minimum of 3 days to cure before sealing.

How do I know if my surface needs to be resealed?

Please drop some water on surface tested area and wait a few minutes if surface absorb water then it is time to reseal.

I have applied your sealer and now have a sticky residue on the surface. What can I do?

This sometimes occurs when excess sealer has been left on the surface.

Our chemists have designed a sealer Stripper W and a sealer Stripper S to remove any kind of sealer residue.

What do I do if there is already a sealer on the surface I want to treat?

You can use our sealer strippers; we have Stripper W (water base) and Stripper S (solvent base).

My surface is sealed with an impregnating sealer. Can a surface sealer be applied over it?

Yes you can can. But first use one of our strippers.

I am about to seal but have discovered large "white" marks on my cement pavers.

White marks could happen in two ways

First: if the surface has white marks ( efflourance) then you will clean it with our Cleaner 33 (efflouracence cleaner). Then let it dry and then seal it.

Second: if the efflorescence is caught between surface and a coat sealer then you will need to use our sealer Stripper W™ or Stripper S™ to remove it.

How is Enhancer 98™?

The Enhance 98™ will enhance the color and make the surface features readily visible without changing its wet slip frictional properties.

How do I maintain a sealed tile?

The good looks of a sealed surface will depend on maintenance.
Remove spills immediately.
Remove tree leaves on a daily base (tree leaves produce a stuborn acid staing).
Our chemist have designed two cleaners for that.
Granite Cleaner for every day use Out Door Cleaner for every day use

How to maintain a sealed stone countertop clean?

By using Stella Sealants Granite Cleaner.
Soft, easy to use, good smell.

How can I get a maintenance free surface?

There is no such a thing.


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